Range of scope : AL MOTTHEDON Group has created a unique model able to bring a broad range of building products together to create smart solutions for our client’s challenging problems.
 Excellent proven track record : AL MOTTHEDON Group is a young company that is building its strength in ensuring consistent attention to detail, resulting in a high quality finish.
 Our leadership is dynamic and has strong roots and experience in delivering building material projects with a proven track record of positive impact for our clients.
 Vertical integration : We are a vertical integrated building material contractor capable of incorporating all elements of a project from engineering design to fabrication and site erection.
 Our fully integrated model allows to manage projects from start to completion, and does not have middle-man. This makes our work cost effective and ensures we can monitor and maintain the high standards required for our projects.
 Additionally, our close relationship with suppliers ensures we always deliver quality to our clients.
 Outstanding service : Our team of experience employees and our dynamic and modern nature keeps us up to date with the latest techniques, materials and technologies.
 Our commitment to service means our clients experience unmatched information, solutions and collaboration at every phase of the project. 
Our employees are well-trained and committed to producing top quality work. Our commitment to service distinguishes us from our competition.
 Quality products : The adage “you get what you pay for” is very true with our lines of business and services.
 Our international recognized supply chain partners play an integral part in helping us to achieve our client delivery and quality promises and our collective success. Close collaboration with our supply chain partners, who are embedded in our project team at the earliest stage of our contracts, has proved vital in identifying value-engineering opportunities that ultimately benefit the project and the client. 
Management & cooperation : Challenging goals, respectful interaction with clients and employees as well as trusting and committed behavior are essential elements for extraordinary projects – and even more important for successful cooperation! AL MOTTHEDON Group is target-oriented and our clear demarcation of responsibility allows optimum decision-making at all levels