Quality Policy

 Group is certified to ISO9001:2011 Quality Management Systems for the building materials (Lighting and Metal Industries) through continuous training and development of our people, processes and polices.
 The ISO9001:2011 standard contains requirements for the Quality Management System, which is used by AL MOTTHEDON GROUP to demonstrate its capability to meet client’s requirements and for assessment of the system by our own internal auditors and external parties. The ISO9001 framework governs the management of AL MOTTHEDON GROUP’ business operations. We are committed to continual development and, ISO9001 provides the tools to monitor and feedback information from all areas of the business to ensure a first class service is maintained. Our in-house specialist and qualified personnel ensure a quality product is delivered to our clients on a regular basis. The core of our Quality Management System encompasses compliance to specifications, consistency in workmanship, improvement in production processes, monitoring of material supplies, and training/education of personnel